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What had happened?

During this period since I wrote for the last time till yesterday that I started again, many things happened.

My 20-year-old brother is a disabled person. He uses a wheelchair and this year he has been operated from the hips down.

This surgery at some point of his life had to be done. My parents knew that and decided to do it when he was old enough and when he couldn’t keep doing the physical activities he had as normally. He stopped doing those when he began to feel pain in the hips.

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I´m sorry I left the blog for such a long time. But I needed that time. I was tired of writing here, in the blog, as an obligation and not as something that I wanted to do. I did it like that because I thought that I had to write nearly everyday to succeed with Thesethewebsite, but the point was not get hundreds of subscribers or viewers. It was because I liked doing it.

So now that I clarify that point, I can say… I really missed writing and wanted to restart lots of times. And I realized too there´s a lot of things I can write about. I´m excited.


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I’m going to miss you grandpa

Well, I should start from the beginning. Last Thursday and yesterday I went camping with my school on a hill and we slept in a shelter. It was fun first we climbed the mountain (lasted three hours) and had lunch in the way and at the night we saw three shooting stars in the sky and more interesting and funny things.

But what I want to talk about it´s that when I called my mom because she wanted to talk to me, I talked about the camp until she said:

– I have to tell you a slightly sad news. Your grandfather died this afternoon.

And I said:

– That´s not a slightly sad news.

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