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I’m going to United States and the BVI

You haven’t known about me in a while because I was studying a lot for tests, but after that stress and fatigue of waking up early nearly everyday I’m going on vacation… to the British Virgin Islands and the best place for having a lot of fun, Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

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My grandmother´s departure

My grandmother came to visit us for Christmas last year (2016). With her, we spent a nice Christmas and she stayed in my house till the 15th of January where she and my family who lives in Buenos Aires came for holidays, too.

When she arrived to the house she was okay, but a time later she got sick. She was dehydrated and weak so we had to take her to sanatorium.

She stayed in that sanatorium for one month till she could return to my home. Those were difficult times for the family, we were sad and worried about her.

We had another family member. We took care of her. We did things like prepare a tray with food for her to eat in bed, we brought her bottles of water that she drank like in two days time and brought whatever she needed to.

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First day of school

Days of waking up early are here again👍. Today summer break is over. I live in Argentina that’s why I had been on summer holidays in this part of the year.

How was the start of third year of high school? Good. We didn’t write anything, played games, met some new teachers of subjects I didn’t have last year so we talked about how every person teaches, if they’ll give us homework and do a lot of tests, etc.

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Since January I practiced swimming to compete in an open water race which was planned for February 25.

I went to the pool four times a week for almost two months. I improved my technique and did many times the distance of the race, 800 meters.

The day of the competition I´d to go to the beach at 10 o’clock for the accreditation. There, I got a bag that contained a chocolate and a swimming cap colored red that I had to wear.

My race was the third competition. I was very nervous and anxious because I was waiting for my best friend to come and support me. She came in the right moment minutes before it started. I´d already got into the water, it was warm, with no waves. The day was a sunny and hot one.

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What had happened?

During this period since I wrote for the last time till yesterday that I started again, many things happened.

My 20-year-old brother is a disabled person. He uses a wheelchair and this year he has been operated from the hips down.

This surgery at some point of his life had to be done. My parents knew that and decided to do it when he was old enough and when he couldn’t keep doing the physical activities he had as normally. He stopped doing those when he began to feel pain in the hips.

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