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About my last trip: Orlando (1st & 2nd day)

This part of the trip was the one that I enjoyed the most, to tell the truth. We stayed in a department and we bought food or ate in fast food restaurants. We woke up, had breakfast and went to the theme parks.

1st Day

We went shopping and spent a lot of time doing it. We bought clothes which compared to Argentina were very cheap (buying in the outlets).

We were so happy to be there because we weren´t sure (before) if we could make it. But we did go and we loved it! Even tough it wasn´t our first time there, we felt like it was.

2nd Day

We decided going to Universal Studios, the first theme park we have been to. It was magical, thinking about it nearly bring tears to my eyes. The park is divided in three parts: Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios Florida and Volcano Bay. Also, there is the Citywalk that is a place where you have restaurants, a cinema and things like those.

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My last trip: BVI

I’m back in Argentina and since the moment I returned to school, it kept me occupied. But from now on I will be in winter holidays. So I will be writing a lot.

As I couldn’t finish telling you all about my experience in the BVI and also in Orlando, I’ll do it right now.

The first destination consisted in living in the sailboat with the three members of my family and going to beaches to spend the day in the water with the goggles on. I saw coral reefs that weren’t what I expected. I tought that I would see them all colorful but they were the opposite. Is true that coral reefs are dying, what a pity. Beside that I’ve seen sea turtles, two locust, stingrays and fishes! I loved watching the sea life but it wasn’t what I expected to see too.

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In the BVI

The first place we had been to was Tortola. In that area we only stayed because the sailboat we rented wasn´t ready by the time we got to Tortola, so we had to held on a while.

We rented a car that, who knows why, it had the battery broken so when we returned from the supermarket with the bags full of food and we pretended to start the vehicle, it didn´t work, it was a problem. Fortunately, someone helped us and with the cables so we could resurrect our car.

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Flight to the British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The last Wednesday May 3rd, my family and I were waiting the arrival of the time we had to take the plane from the airport of Ezeiza to Miami.

During the flight, I watched two movies in a row in the tablet on the back of the airplane seats. The first one was La la land starring Emma Stone (my favourite actress) and Ryan Gosling, and the other, was The edge of seventeen in wich Hailee Steinfeld (favorite singer) starred. Continue reading “Flight to the British Virgin Islands (BVI)”

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My grandmother´s departure

My grandmother came to visit us for Christmas last year (2016). With her, we spent a nice Christmas and she stayed in my house till the 15th of January where she and my family who lives in Buenos Aires came for holidays, too.

When she arrived to the house she was okay, but a time later she got sick. She was dehydrated and weak so we had to take her to sanatorium.

She stayed in that sanatorium for one month till she could return to my home. Those were difficult times for the family, we were sad and worried about her.

We had another family member. We took care of her. We did things like prepare a tray with food for her to eat in bed, we brought her bottles of water that she drank like in two days time and brought whatever she needed to.

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