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Everybody face family arguments, but do we do something about it?

In all families there are disagreements, arguments. When you are in the middle of one of this, people tend to say things without thinking even the most horrible things you wouldn’t believe you could ever say to someone, and the others do that too. Then, when you don’t feel angry anymore, that’s the moment when the regret comes up. The saddest thing is that, the majority of people don’t apologyse. Some, tries to compense the damage they did but doesn’t say the S word (sorry). Others, pretend like nothing had happened and expect the other person to react the same way, and there are the ones who just don’t talk between them ever again.

Saying “I’m sorry” textually is the most difficult thing you could ever do. It’s so much hard to put your feelings on the table and say out loud what internally you perceive when you know that what you said before is unforgiveable. But, if you try, you might find yourself with forgiveness.

If we never risk just and only our simple pride for the valuable relationship we have with that person, we shouldn’t call ourselves persons. If we keep in mind these simple words, we : Everything that goes, comes back.

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Beyond Rip Tide Movie

You know, when I really like a film I always love to think why is that.

Rip Tide is about a teenager model who finds out what she’s passionate about.

The reason why I enjoyed watching it was because I appreciate how passionate people can be. It’s just amazing.

Having dreams is something that everyone should have as The main goal.

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Hello again, everybody!

After my family and I returned from our incredible trip I had to catch up with the school homework and tests. Finally, I have the time to start writing again.

In summary, my year has been difficult because of the school only, but now it´s over. I passed all the subjects and I decided not to come to the same highschool next year. I´ll go to another one and that´s a good thing. I wanna enjoy every second in these two years left with better people I wish I could find there.

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My last trip: BVI

I’m back in Argentina and since the moment I returned to school, it kept me occupied. But from now on I will be in winter holidays. So I will be writing a lot.

As I couldn’t finish telling you all about my experience in the BVI and also in Orlando, I’ll do it right now.

The first destination consisted in living in the sailboat with the three members of my family and going to beaches to spend the day in the water with the goggles on. I saw coral reefs that weren’t what I expected. I tought that I would see them all colorful but they were the opposite. Is true that coral reefs are dying, what a pity. Beside that I’ve seen sea turtles, two locust, stingrays and fishes! I loved watching the sea life but it wasn’t what I expected to see too.

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In the BVI

The first place we had been to was Tortola. In that area we only stayed because the sailboat we rented wasn´t ready by the time we got to Tortola, so we had to held on a while.

We rented a car that, who knows why, it had the battery broken so when we returned from the supermarket with the bags full of food and we pretended to start the vehicle, it didn´t work, it was a problem. Fortunately, someone helped us and with the cables so we could resurrect our car.

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Flight to the British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The last Wednesday May 3rd, my family and I were waiting the arrival of the time we had to take the plane from the airport of Ezeiza to Miami.

During the flight, I watched two movies in a row in the tablet on the back of the airplane seats. The first one was La la land starring Emma Stone (my favourite actress) and Ryan Gosling, and the other, was The edge of seventeen in wich Hailee Steinfeld (favorite singer) starred. Continue reading “Flight to the British Virgin Islands (BVI)”