About the blogger

Hi ! I´m Valentina Ledesma. I´m a teenager from Argentina. I´m in secondary school (I’m thirteen) and I live in this country since I was born. I enjoy and love writing and I wanted to practice the language and learn every day something more about it.

I like doing draws and take photos you’ll see many in my posts.

My cousin showed me WordPress and said that this site was to make a blog and share to people what you write. And I thought “I should try this, I will make it by my own and try to make it original much as I can”. So I put a name for the blog and started customizing it. I want people to view my blog because, as the others bloggers, I like to share my opinion and write about my daily life, defend what I think: like make people open their minds and understand another point of view and post interesting things.

I hope you like it and you can subscribe to follow and get notice when I post something new.


2 thoughts on “About the blogger

  1. Amazing!!!! I like so much what you write don’t leave it- it’s a very good way to comunicated with people all around the world.
    Thank’ a lot!


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