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Beyond Rip Tide Movie

You know, when I really like a film I always love to think why is that.

Rip Tide is about a teenager model who finds out what she’s passionate about.

The reason why I enjoyed watching it was because I appreciate how passionate people can be. It’s just amazing.

Having dreams is something that everyone should have as The main goal.

And the most important thing about having them is our journey to chase it. That It’s really difficult sometimes to accomplish this. Maybe we will never of we see it with an ‘realistic’ point of view. But you can’t give up. Never in your whole life you have to forget what you would like to live for: perhaps is forming a family, or learning/practising as much as you can about whatever you find interesting, or wanting this tiny planet we’re living in to be the greatest of the universe.

Any obstacle there could ever be between you and your dream must be silent, ignored and rejected by you.

Who determinate what you are capable of doing?

No one does.

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