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About my last trip: Orlando (1st & 2nd day)

This part of the trip was the one that I enjoyed the most, to tell the truth. We stayed in a department and we bought food or ate in fast food restaurants. We woke up, had breakfast and went to the theme parks.

1st Day

We went shopping and spent a lot of time doing it. We bought clothes which compared to Argentina were very cheap (buying in the outlets).

We were so happy to be there because we weren´t sure (before) if we could make it. But we did go and we loved it! Even tough it wasn´t our first time there, we felt like it was.

2nd Day

We decided going to Universal Studios, the first theme park we have been to. It was magical, thinking about it nearly bring tears to my eyes. The park is divided in three parts: Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios Florida and Volcano Bay. Also, there is the Citywalk that is a place where you have restaurants, a cinema and things like those.

We went to Islands of adventure where were the Marvel (Hulk rollercoaster which got me feeling bad the rest of the day and Enhanced Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man), Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and other attractions. The best part of all Universal park is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I´m a huge fan of the saga. That day I didn´t want to go there because I wanted to go another of the 7 days we had for entering to the park. I wanted to really appreciate that moment. But in order to go to Universal Studios Florida, we had to take the Harry Potter´s train which was crossing the Wizarding World. So what I did was, walk looking at the floor until we got there and then I force myself to enjoy the journey by train.

We arrived to a place called London (there were San Francisco, New York, Hollywood, Production Central and World Expo) where you have the train station, the Black´s House, Diagon Alley and the Knight Bus.

After visiting there with the exception of Diagon Alley (because we dind´t know of it´s existence by then), we continued touring the enormous park.

At the night we assisted to the last show, it was brilliant. Very well done, it made my mom and almost me, cry.

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