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In the BVI

The first place we had been to was Tortola. In that area we only stayed because the sailboat we rented wasn´t ready by the time we got to Tortola, so we had to held on a while.

We rented a car that, who knows why, it had the battery broken so when we returned from the supermarket with the bags full of food and we pretended to start the vehicle, it didn´t work, it was a problem. Fortunately, someone helped us and with the cables so we could resurrect our car.

That evening when the people from Conch Charters (that´s the name of the port) gave us the monohulls, we slept in the boat for the first time.

Now we had stayed in here for only 4 days, we are missing 6 days more! We visited Norman Island, The Caves in Norman Island, Peter Island and right now I´m in Virgin Gorda Is. We did a lot of snorkelling, swimming, sun bathing and those kind of activities. A relax-vacation enjoying the sand and sea of the British Virgin Islands.

I want to tell you that I don´t have wifi connection so I can´t post as much as I would like to. I´m sorry.

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