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Flight to the British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The last Wednesday May 3rd, my family and I were waiting the arrival of the time we had to take the plane from the airport of Ezeiza to Miami.

During the flight, I watched two movies in a row in the tablet on the back of the airplane seats. The first one was La la land starring Emma Stone (my favourite actress) and Ryan Gosling, and the other, was The edge of seventeen in wich Hailee Steinfeld (favorite singer) starred.

The next day when the lights were turned on because it was breakfast time, I woke up after sleeping only three hours from the end of the film. We had breakfast and I put Moana, the film, to enjoy the last minutes of flight to watch half of it.

We waited a long time in the Miami Airport until the hour of departure of the other flight to Saint Thomas.

We took a Ferry in St. Thomas that took us from the island to Tortola and we spent the remaining time of the day in a hotel.

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