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My grandmother´s departure

My grandmother came to visit us for Christmas last year (2016). With her, we spent a nice Christmas and she stayed in my house till the 15th of January where she and my family who lives in Buenos Aires came for holidays, too.

When she arrived to the house she was okay, but a time later she got sick. She was dehydrated and weak so we had to take her to sanatorium.

She stayed in that sanatorium for one month till she could return to my home. Those were difficult times for the family, we were sad and worried about her.

We had another family member. We took care of her. We did things like prepare a tray with food for her to eat in bed, we brought her bottles of water that she drank like in two days time and brought whatever she needed to.

She always asked me “how are you” and told me how was her day like. If she had walked with the walker a lot a little bit. She told me stories of her past. All of them were happy tales.

My brother and I listened what she told us and we invited her to watch a film and once we shared with her a reading of a book.

My parents were busy with work because they had just started a new project they had. She was always happy for them whenever they told her that they were doing well with their job. To tell the truth, she was a l w a y s happy.

My grandmother left us the 11th of March. She was going to my aunt´s house. In that place she stayed a week till she breathe one´s last.



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