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Since January I practiced swimming to compete in an open water race which was planned for February 25.

I went to the pool four times a week for almost two months. I improved my technique and did many times the distance of the race, 800 meters.

The day of the competition I´d to go to the beach at 10 o’clock for the accreditation. There, I got a bag that contained a chocolate and a swimming cap colored red that I had to wear.

My race was the third competition. I was very nervous and anxious because I was waiting for my best friend to come and support me. She came in the right moment minutes before it started. I´d already got into the water, it was warm, with no waves. The day was a sunny and hot one.

Then, the countdown. 10, 9… I was in the right extreme and I had four girl opponents in my left. 8,7,6… My parents were recording me with the cellphone and screaming with the people the numbers getting smaller and smaller 5,4,3,2,1!  I didn’t rush to be the first one at the beginning, I´d be exhausted by the middle if I did. But three very fast competitors left a girl and me meters behind them. I was trying to get to the closest girl, but she was far away from me. I wouldn´t be able to pass her. So, I did my best and get to the buoy (which purpose was to show us that we´d reached the 400 meters) and turn around it heading to the beach.

I got to the finish line, I rang a bell for letting know the people who was taking my time to stop. I received a medal of participation. I was a little bit disappointed that I ended being the last one, the 5th place, but I was happy too because I gave it all.

I stayed the whole afternoon in that beach with my friend. We were buying food in a shop near it, when a big surprised happened. I listened my name on the microphone during the awards ceremony. I run to the place where I heard I´d been called and a woman told me they´d said my name three times. I apologised and asked her if she could repeat that prize-giving. She said yes. First, she called a girl who had a trophy in her hand and she got on the podium. Then, I did the same and we both smiled for the picture. I won a second place trophy and had no idea of why ! Now, I think I won it because among the residents competitors I was second. I was very happy to have one and that’s what counts.


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