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What had happened?

During this period since I wrote for the last time till yesterday that I started again, many things happened.

My 20-year-old brother is a disabled person. He uses a wheelchair and this year he has been operated from the hips down.

This surgery at some point of his life had to be done. My parents knew that and decided to do it when he was old enough and when he couldn’t keep doing the physical activities he had as normally. He stopped doing those when he began to feel pain in the hips.

After going to the doctor and a lot of other stuff, he had the surgery.

The rehabilitation took a long time because it was a big surgery, so my brother had to stay in Buenos Aires (he has been operated there) a few months with my parents while I was here, in a friend’s house, going to school.

I went to visit them a lot of times by plane until they return and we all went home.

It was a tough year, 2016, because of that reason but after all we ended it fine.



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