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I’m going to miss you grandpa

Well, I should start from the beginning. Last Thursday and yesterday I went camping with my school on a hill and we slept in a shelter. It was fun first we climbed the mountain (lasted three hours) and had lunch in the way and at the night we saw three shooting stars in the sky and more interesting and funny things.

But what I want to talk about it´s that when I called my mom because she wanted to talk to me, I talked about the camp until she said:

– I have to tell you a slightly sad news. Your grandfather died this afternoon.

And I said:

– That´s not a slightly sad news.

Then I wanted to talk to my grandmother and I phoned her.

She told me that she wanted to be in that way. He died in peace, in his house, in his bedroom and always accompanied by her.

She was excited, as she told me, that´s why she was crying. I wanted to tell her more things and I couldn´t because I was sad.

But now I´m going to write them.

My grandfather was very important to me. He was the only one who I met and who was always there in that place.
He accompanied me, with my grandmother, all my life and I love him very much. Even when I was five, in 2007, we went the four family members and my grandparents to Walt Disney Wold, Orlando. We had such good fun and it was so incredible to share it with them.
He was for my first communion and for my family birthdays despite the distance between us.
They were always two of them, and it will be a bit difficult to everybody after they have been together so long see that there is only one of them.
Always will be missing his few words and his way of being, but the important thing is that he will live within us and that is never going to go away. Thanks to him we are the family who we are and we are proud of it.
He completed totally his life and he will continue in ours by the shared unique moments.

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